Food processing & manufacturing ingredients

Noor Bio Trading source for the best food processing and manufacturing ingredients from the most trusted suppliers worldwide.

We select the best ingredients to help our customers in Middle East and Africa to get all required ingredients under one roof. We can supply small quantities from local UAE market as small as one pallet or as one mixed container. Customers who to which to buy fewer items in big quantities will get best prices and fresh supply directly from ingredients’ origin.


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Bakery Ingredients


Wheat Flour


Baking Yeast

white sugar


baking soda

Baking Powder

Dairy, Oils & Fats

Fat Filled Milk Powder

Milk Powder

milk butter

Milk Butter

cooking oil

Palm Oil


Sunflower Oil

Other Food & Beverages Ingredients


Non dairy Creamer

corn fructose syrup

Corn Syrup

corn maltodextrin


chocolate paste

Chocolate Paste

Dry Fruits, Fruits Powders, Flavors & Colors


Dry Fruits

pineapple powder

Fruits Powders

natural flavors

Natural Flavors

natural colors

Natural Colors

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