Welcome to Noor Bio Private Label Services

We offer custom solutions for private label clients who wish to develop their own brands of food and beverage products. This service is not only limited to our exceptional range of high-quality products, but also include any other food or beverage ideas.

We provide comprehensive consultancy services on choosing the best ingredients suppliers and co-manufacturers to support the development of your innovative products ideas.

We help you to in all stages of the products development starting from the products concept up to the shelfs ready-to-sell products.


For more information, please contact me at:

Abdalla Ahmed

Tel: +971526782672

Tel: +966543031577

Email: ahmed@noorbio.com

What we offer!

Brand name selection

Market research

Recipes development


Ingredients sourcing

ice cream

Finding best co-manufacturer

Suitable packages choosing

Packaging design​

Suggested healthy food and beverages ideas

Protein drinks


Ketogenic hot chocolate

natural flavors

Natural drinks

natural colors

Healthy candies


Dry fruits snack

chocolate paste

Sugar free chocolate paste

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